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Periodization Training

What is Periodization?

Periodization is the systematic planning of athletic or physical training. This can involve anything from cardio vascular training, strength training, Sports specific training and much more.

How many times have you seen the same people doing the exact same exercises day in and day out? Or maybe that has been your own routine. What most people don’t understand is that our body’s are extremely adaptive when it comes to physical exercise. Once you do the same thing over and over your body no longer gets stimulated enough to grow or make progress. You need to “change it up” or “shock” your body into getting better, faster or stronger. Periodization training is the periodic change of routine or stimulus in order to continue to see progress. This doesn’t mean change your workout each time, but at least every 6 to 10 weeks depending on your program and goals.

Periodization doesn't need to mean a whole new workout either. This could mean adjusting or changing the following:

For Strength training

-Increasing total weight volume through progressive overload (the increase in reps and weight overtime)

-Changing the number of repetitions

-Switching from a machines to free weights or bands and vice-versa

-Adding in pause reps (pausing during different parts of the movement)

-Adding in negatives (going slow during the concentric (contraction/flexion) or the eccentric (the stretch) of the exercise)

-Adding parcial or pulse reps

-The order of exercises

-The rest time between the exercises

For Cardiovascular training

-Changing the length or time

-Changing your pace

-Adding hills (inclined or declined)

-Adding in intervals

-Wearing a weighted vest

In conclusion, if you are wondering why you are not seeing results, take a look at your workouts and see if you have been following the same plan. So change it up! Not only will it keep things from becoming boring, but you will allow yourself to progress quicker and see the results you are looking for!

Do you need help programing your workouts to fit your training and lifestyle? Are you tired of doing the same things are the gym or the same cardio routine? Shoot me a DM or Email me at

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19 de jul. de 2020

Started working out with Julia. I love her passion, and commitment to her work. I’m excited to see the change that will I will finally realize in my body!

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