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Food swaps to lower calories and lose weight!

So instead of writing a longer blog post today, I wanted to go ahead and show you all some tips on foods you can swap out or replace to help you reduce the total amount of calories you consume on a daily basis. These are not all of the replacements out there, but what I do on a daily basis.

Cooking oils -

Switch with a cooking non-stick spray. You can even spray certain foods like potatoes you would normal cover in oils. Keep in mind, a spray might say it is zero calories, but if you over use it, the calories add up. I like to stick with avocado and coconut oils.

Baking oils-

Try switching these out with apple sauce! Sounds weird doesn’t it? The good news is that apple sauce cooks like oils do keeping your food moist without the apple taste. You can also use greek yogurts the same way. Just be sure to research the proportion differences.

Butter -

Switch real butter with butter spray. My favorite is “I can’t believe its not butter” butter spray. This is the same as the spray oils. It may say zero calories, but again, over using it will in fact have calories.


Buy sugar and/or fat free condiments. Most of the condiments we eat are high in calories from either sugar (like barbecue, ketchup or syrups) or in fats (like most salad dressings and mayonnaise). Switching these out for fat and sugar free options will save you a substantial amount of calories.

Sour cream-

Switch out the sour cream with plain greek yogurt! To give it that sour bite, add some fresh squeeze lime or lemon juice. Just be careful to keep it pulp and seed free.


Switch out your pasta for zucchini noodles! Not only is it easy to make, but it makes the taste more savory. You can buy the noodles pre-made or you can use a spiraled. Try to avoid cooking with dal until the very end. This can cause the water to be pulled from the noodles making it mushy instead of crisp.


A great option to eat instead of rice is cauliflower rice! At first it may seem a but different, but its easy to get used to. I suggest mixing it first putting half real rice and half cauliflower rice together before switching over. Seasonings are your friend here, so spice it up!

Ice cream-

Try switching your favorite ice cream for a low calorie one. My favorites are Halo Top and Enlightened.

Pop or Soda-

Switch it to diet pop or soda to reduce the sugar calories.


Switch it to low fat or slim milk. Unsweetened almond milk i always a great choice as well.

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