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Meet Julia Kozelka, Your Personal Trainer 

Welcome to True Fitness and Wellness! ​My name is Julia Kozelka, and I am your Personal Trainer in Highland Heights, OH. As an Ohio native, I understand the physical fitness challenges many residents face here, and it is my mission to help others improve themselves. Please take a moment to learn how I arrived at being a fitness leader.

I first began training back in high school. During this time, I immediately fell in love with fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is here that I started considering a career in fitness training and lifestyle coaching. My company stems from a desire for continual self-improvement, and how the steps we take each day ultimately lead to the best versions of ourselves. 


As my knowledge of fitness grew, I tried my hand at bodybuilding. Soon, I would discover a passion for this sport. Success in bodybuilding requires skills in many fields, including lean muscle growth, mental tenacity, and nutritional discipline. By following the bodybuilding sport and applying what I have learned, I earned a 5X Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini competitor qualification. Someday, I hope to become an IFBB Pro.

Personal Training Career


Based on what I learned as a bodybuilder and a follower of healthy lifestyle philosophies, I decided to help others to meet their health and fitness goals. I have been a certified AFAA personal trainer for seven years, and I have worked as a trainer for LA Fitness for five years. I am now a personal fitness coach with an independent studio.

My training philosophy focuses on accountability with a supportive mentality. If you are willing to dedicate yourself to your journey, then I promise I can help you achieve your goals. Functional fitness requires discipline and a determined mindset. However, I also believe that health and wellness can be a positive force that builds community.

I am not just a personal fitness coach, but also a motivator, counselor, and mentor. I strive to help you become the best version of yourself. To me, cookie-cutter plans don’t exist. I believe that we all need different approaches, different workouts, and various nutrition plans. Since everyone is unique, I encourage an adaptive approach to training.

So, I just bought and ate a cookie and DID NOT feel bad about. That's a win in my book.jpg
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