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Personal Fitness Training in Highland Heights, OH

Your journey starts with a free consultation and training session to take you through and assess your starting level. Learn about my personal fitness journey before we discuss your goals and what you're looking to achieve.

I train clients of all levels and capabilities. Here are their testimonials. Based on your goals we will work on a multitude of things such as strength, balance, core, stability, and cardiovascular health!

I also use a wide array of equipment to suit everyone's specific needs such as; dumbells, machines, bands, Bosu balls, TRX, sliders, ropes, boxes, exercise balls and more!

Custom Online Training Plans

Every person is different so no one should have the same cookie-cutter personal fitness training plan. What I do is get to know as much as possible about you to create a plan (made by myself) to give to you. These plans are based on your everyday needs, what things you like to do, sports you might play, how your days are planned and much more to give you what you need to succeed. There are countless kinds of workouts, training styles, training splits, periodization methods, routines, and more that will be individualized to you.
This plan includes:
1. A detailed questionnaire to help best understand your fitness needs as well as a detailed personal fitness training plan to help you achieve your goals. I give plans for strength training, weight loss, muscle gain, toning, cardio, flexibility, balance, agility and body sculpting
2. Weekly check-ins with monthly workout adjustments.
3. Unlimited email support

Personalized Nutrition

With this plan, you will receive personalized Macro Nutrient Numbers according to your needs and goals to help you achieve the body you want. I will help you understand everything there is to know about Macros. I have done countless amounts of research and have tons of experience, but I also am consistently researching and learning new ways of doing things better. (There is no "do it my way or else" in my personal fitness training plans). Things are always changing and new research is constantly come about.
What you will get:
1. A detailed nutritional questionnaire to help best understand your macros needs as well as a detailed personalized plan to help you achieve your goals. I give macros plans for fat loss, reverse dieting, muscle gain, and maintenance. 
2. Weekly check-ins with Macro adjustments.
3. Unlimited email support

Equestrian Personal Fitness Training

As an equestrian myself, I know how important staying in shape is when it comes to riding horses. We have all heard at least once, "It can't be that hard. Don't you just sit up there?" and we all laugh because we know that is far from true. Being a personal trainer and rider, I've grown to understand deeply how to incorporate workouts, to not only get in shape but become a better rider. We will focus on core, leg and back strength as well as cardiovascular health, and balance. You will love the results, and your horse will love you for it too so contact me now

Want to Be Trained by a Professional Fitness Coach in Highland Heights, OH? Contact Me!

Your search for a professional fitness coach in Highland Heights, OH, is over. Contact me, and I will create a personal training plan just for you.

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